water softening

Working a water softening unit

Many households have been having problems with their pipes being clogged a lot of times. This is mostly due to hard waters that have minerals such as calcium and magnesium in them. this can be a problem especially because soap is hard to dissolve in this type of water and this has can cause many repairs which is expensive for some.

water softening unit

In order for hard water to disappear, a water softener unit is used. The water softening process works to remove the minerals which make the water hard. It really helps many households and protects a lot of machines from being damaged. There are many companies that make water softeners and you should get one too to protect your pipelines from being clogged ever again.

How water softener works

Water softening units collects the minerals present in a hard water in its conditioning tank and flushes them down the drain. Ion exchangers such as sodium and potassium are then applied for water softening because these will replace the minerals, magnesium and calcium ions, with other ions.

The three types of salts added to a water softening unit

Rock salt evaporated salt, and solar salt is being sold for water softening. Rock salts contain about 98% to 99% sodium chloride and these are obtained from underground salt deposits through traditional mining methods. Solar salt is obtained through the evaporated seawater.  This contains about 85% sodium chloride and is usually sold in crystal form though pellets are also available. Lastly, evaporated salt comes from the mining of underground salt deposits dissolving salts which are then evaporated using natural gas or coal. It has between 996% to 99.99% sodium chloride.

The most common salt that is being used

If you don’t mind cleaning the unit from time to time, then rock salts are fine and these are the cheapest ones too. that is because it contains matter that is not water-soluble. On the other hand, solar salt contains matter that is more water-soluble. Sometimes, the salt that is being used depends on the unit itself. if you have a unit that needs more salt to be used which also means frequent cleaning, then evaporated salt is recommended.

Knowing how a unit works and what is needed in order for it to work is as important as its use. this machine is fairly easy to use and less hassle compared to having your pipes and other appliances being replaced.