Top Brands of Night Vision

What are The Top Brands of Night Vision?

What was once a demanding task of finding night vision scope is now made easier? Thanks to the brands that have been delivering the best and the finest scopes in the market. If you have been itching to get your own scope but don’t know where to start, here are the top brands that you can rely on.

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ATN is short for American Technologies Network. This is one brand that has been producing the best night vision scopes for over 20 years. Because of that experience under their belt, the company is now known globally. Aside from that, they have high-quality NV scopes that are recognized worldwide. They also have a broad range of ATN NV scopes. In spite of its brand, they are developing inexpensive and basic scopes. They also manufacture advanced and expensive ones. Because of its variety, they can target any market niche and can cut across the segment of the night vision market.


When talking about night vision scopes and thermal imaging technology, the brand Armasight would pop up. They pioneered many night vision scopes technologies that are considered today’s industry standard. The company exists for quite a long time. They continually bring the latest and cutting-edge features when it comes to night vision scopes. Their mechanic works very much like with ANT in the area of price and variety. Its basic offering is affordable and cheap. If you can afford to shell out more, they have sophisticated scopes too. Armasight is the brand of choice mostly for hunting enthusiasts and even law enforcement agencies.


This is a new player in the NV industry. This was just established way back in 2009 but already made its mark. It has already a loyal following as they provide quality night vision scopes. Pro-level hunters consider this as one of their preferred brands. One difference of Firefield night vision scopes is its price tag. It is very affordable in spite of its advanced technology. Other brands can cost thousands of dollars, unlike Firefield. In spite of its price, its quality can still match to those of the pricier ones. For beginners and enthusiasts, this can be a good entry point scope for you.

ATN, Armasight, and Firefield have a lot of night vision scope reviews. Consider researching on these three when you are interested in getting a night vision scope real soon. Trust me when I say, you would not regret getting any of these.