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Ski Lodge Roofing Techniques

Ski-lodge ideas are so crazy. Would you like your house to have an evocative look that leaves every visitor’s mouth wide open? We all desire a fancy life: beautiful house, nice car in a nice garage and so on. The beauty of your mansion, your bungalow is emphasized by the look of the roof. Ski-lodge is here to make sure that your dream comes true. We deal in creative roofing like: gable roof, mountain or hip roof, mansard, gambrel flat tops, butterfly roof, dome roof and curved roof top. These are not the only designs; ski-lodge will always come up with a creative design for your house, depending on the type and location of your house. Let’s have a look on these types of roofs for today.

Gable Roof

The Gabled Rooftop seen here is probably the most common with ski lodges.

There are several categories of gables roof tops namely: open gables, box gables and Dutch gables. Gable roofs are mainly symmetrical; for instance, divide the roof into two parts, the right will look alike with the left. This is the most common roof serviced by residential roofers.

This is the best in highlands; it’s best in rainy areas. The only problem hitting this type of roof top is- it is easily blown away by wind if not well fitted.

Mountain Hip Roof Tops

Hip roof top is more of an advanced gable roof top; it’s unique in that there are several gable roofs crossed to form the pattern. Additional construction materials make it more expensive.

Mansard Roofing

This is a cap like roof top you will not be wrong calling it a French roof too. It is four sided and properly fits in windy places since they cannot be easily blown by the wind. This type of roofing makes your house look big hence create more room for your artworks and aesthetics.

Gambrel Flat Tops

Gambrel and mansard can make a good look alike; the difference comes in that gambrel flat top has two sides while the mansard has for sides. However, they are weaker than the mansards in terms of wind endurance.

Butterfly roof top

From the name itself, I’m sure you already have a clue to the look; the roof top look like a flying butterfly. The roofs are lifted at the ends forming a V-shape. Water is collected at the center of the house and drained by the gutters. These roof tops helps create a large view and space for your window, allowing room for illumination. The main problem is that the drainage system requires more cost of maintenance; to prevent water clogging.

Dome roofs and Curved roof tops

These are the most modern techniques in the urban areas and in the architects’ manuals. They are very beautiful creating a nice exterior view. Moreover, they are easily maintained and create a nice interior view of your office and homes. Disadvantages are always there to be solved, these types of roof tops are very expensive to install despite that they are easily maintained.





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