Roblox-Gaming Platform

“Roblox” is an online gaming platform where multiple games can be created and can also be played with more than one player. The games can be created either by developer or the users. This huge platform was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2006.The term “Roblox” essentially mean “robots” and “blocks”, that is any no.of games and any type of game can be created by using the lego like robots. It has nearly 30 million active users. Roblox can be played by the computer’s keyboard, mouse, touchpad or any other input device.

Many children in the age group between 8-12 years and also teens play games on roblox.It is available in PC’s.An iOS version of roblox is also available.Not only the children but also their parents participate in these games enthusiastically. It also allows creating social groups. In the month of January this year, the toys of the lego characters on the platform have been made available.

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“Lua” is the programming language used by roblox. A course to learn the programming language is also being offered to children so that they can give wings to their imagination and create new games. “Robux” is the virtual currency one earns as he progresses on the levels. If one want to buy any merchandise like shirts-shirts and pants, he has to exchange robux with the real money. Many people are making a huge amount through this gaming zone which is helping them even to cover their expenditure like paying college fee, constructing house etc.

For the people who wish to be on the top list of the players and those who want to make a huge sum, there are some tips and tricks to be followed which can be called as “roblox hack”. Throughthis, one can easily earn robux in a short span of time. Thus roblox can be a great platform to encourage kid’s visualization but parents must watch their kids while they are playing.