GoPro Alternatives: How To Choose The Best One

Action cameras are the range today. It’s considered the trend for the numerous individuals. For travelers, having this is a must, especially when you’re interested and highly invested in taking quality pictures regardless of where you are. The most well-known brand is GoPro. With its fame and the quality, numerous units and types have been created. The latest devices have the most advanced features. You’ll be able to expect the best quality for pictures. But the biggest downside is the fact that it can be quite pricey for anyone.

Instead of pursuing this specific brand, it’s easier to just find alternative devices that can be purchased. There are different brands and other choices that can be utilized. And you can choose to purchase these options when needed. Learning about the choices for GoPro alternatives can be utilized. Here are several devices that you can refer to:

Sony HDR-AS300. This new model of the electronic Giant is earning praises for the quality of videos and pictures it provides. On top of that, it also provide a good quality audio. When compared to previous Sony cameras and even with GoPro models, this is considered to have better audio quality. Those who value this factor requires these things. On the entire market, this is also ranked on in terms of stabilization. Downside, it doesn’t have the 4K resolution that GoPro has. 

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30.  This is considered as the complete package. Apart from the device, you’re also given the software that helps you edit videos on-the-go. It’s easier when you have a program that goes with the whole device. Image stabilization system is also available. Apart from that, there’s a highly-sensitive microphone that’ll be sure to capture every sound. Since the battery only last for 60-70 minutes, it’s highly recommended that you make a purchase of an additional spare battery.

Yi 4K+. 4K 60 FPS guaranteed. Easy-to-understand user interface for individuals who are not entirely tech-savvy and not quite certain of what they want to do. With this type of resolution, it’s not difficult to assure the quality of videos. Long-lasting battery for longer use. The standard lens can be replaced according to the need. You will have to install a specialized mic for better audio.

TomTom Bandit. One thing to expect is the long battery life which is perfect when you’re constantly traveling. You can utilize the universal cable (USB 3.0 port) for charging. This means that you can charge it while using a different device. Detailing is also certain. A waterproof lens kit that is constantly available for others isn’t available for this particular model.

Olympus TG Tracker. Video quality and audio performance is excellent. Out of all the devices in the list, this is considered the most advanced. Remote use and tracking can be used especially when the smartphone is connected to the device. Tracking can be done with GPS.