First Day Lesson

PLEASE NOTE:  Plan to arrive ONE HOUR PRIOR to your lesson time if you must rent equipment. The professionals at Diamond Peak need time to give you the proper fit and equipment for an enjoyable learning experience. It may also take some time to acquire your lift pass and complete the necessary paperwork for your lesson program.

Wolf Mountain’s beginner's lift is located on gentle terrain. It is a surface conveyer-style lift known as a “Magic Carpet” that is much easier to use than a conventional lift. Here is what you will learn on your first day:

  1. Equipment usage and fit.
  2. How to walk on skis or maneuver on snowboard, one foot in binding one foot out of binding.
  3. How to use edges of skis or board to step up hill or down hill.
  4. How to slide and stop on gentle terrain.
  5. How to use the beginner lift.
  6. Skier/snowboarder "on hill" safety.
  7. How to get up after falling.
  8. Depending on the size and the pace of the group, skiers will learn how to turn while gliding down gentle terrain. Skiers will learn how to link several turns together. Boarders will learn how to change directions while maintaining speed control.

Overall first day objectives:

Gain a basic understanding of ski/snowboard equipment.
Gain an understanding of ski/snowboard balance.
Become confident in the ability to control speed.
Learn about ski/snowboard safety.

Although the pace of the lesson is necessarily geared toward the youngest and/or slowest person in the group, Wolf Mountain instructors will always strive to give as much individual attention to group members as possible.

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