The basic structure of the Togel game is for the player to guess the 4 digit number that would be the winning number. However, Togel HongKong has many different ways of playing this game-

extremely attractive games


The game basically holds on predictions but it is not necessary to guess all 4 of them, that could be very dauting. This is why the different types of games give different options to players so that they are comfortable and they enjoy it.

  • Free Togel

This type of game gives the player the opportunity to guess one free number, without determining its position. This number has to be one of the numbers of the output value, and then you can win. For example- if you guess 1, and the output is 5321, or 5132, you win regardless of the position.

  • Togel Plugs right

In this case, you can guess one number but you also have to prescribe a position to it. If your number is in the output number, but holds a different position than the one you set, then you do not gain anything, you lose.

  • Togel Dragon Plu

For this game you must guess correctly two free numbers. Predicting their positions is not important.

  • Togel Plugs Macau

For this game you have to predict three numbers of the output freely. Again, the position is not important.

The vast variety of options available makes Togel extremely approachable and not intimidating.

To start playing you have to register yourself to a Togel Hongkong agent like dewatogel. It is as simple as making a deposit and starting betting. Of course to gain confidence in your predictions it will take time, but it is an extremely attractive game and once you’re confident you can place it.

After that it is all about waiting for the result.