All You Need To Know About the Swedish Massage

All You Need To Know About the Swedish Massage

Massage therapy is one of the favorite relaxation activity of most people. Your mind and body are thoroughly relaxed. Some people believe that this type of therapy can help a person with a certain ailment. Though not scientifically proven, a personalized messsage therapy is favored by most people especially the seniors.

There are different kinds of massage, depending on your needs and preferences. Some use oils, some don’t. But all in all, their ultimate goal is to give their clients that relaxed feeling after a session which can last for a long time.If you ask those who have been in a massage therapy session, Swedish massage is one of the most favored by many. What makes it different from the other kinds of massage therapy?

What is a Swedish Massage?

If you think you have a few muscle knots, then Thai massage is for you. This is a massage style that will break muscle knots using different hand movements. This technique was introduced by the Western countries using their knowledge with the anatomy and physiology. A licensed massage therapist at a spa will usually schedule you a 50 to an hour session of Swedish massage. This session alone can cover the entire body.

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Swedish Massage Strokes.

A Swedish massage will start with the therapist applying oil to the client’s skin. The speed and strength applied will depend on what you need as well as the problems and knots found in your body.

  • Effleurage. This is a type of stroke that is just smooth and gliding. This is meant to relax your muscle tissues.
  • This involves squeezing, rolling, and kneading motions.
  • Friction. This stroke consists of deep circular motion which causes the tissue layers to create friction. This will promote the increase in blood flow and will break down scar tissue.
  • This is a short, alternating tapping motion with cupped hands or fingers.

The Swedish massage may also involve joint movements which can help with injuries. As of 2015, Swedish Massage is already the most common type of massage which is widely requested by clients, worldwide.